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Hi! If you have any questions in your purchasing process, we will be happy to help you from our customer service line

We will answer you from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. We are here for you! 💗

How do I take my measurements?


Frequent questions

Do you want to know the status of your order?
You should receive all the shipping information in your email, if not, do not hesitate to write to us and we will give you the necessary information ✨


Would you like to change your size?

Not a problem! We only have to verify availability. You must have the order number with you. Remember not to throw away the labels! When you request the change, you will receive a shipment guide to attach it to your return so we can pick it up.


Your order appears as delivered but you have received it?

The shipping information will be sent to your email from , it must include your order information too! Please send us a message if you do not receive this information.

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

We will prepare your order as soon as possible so it can be shipped. Carriers take up to 2 business days to deliver in major cities. For the other regions of the country we hope it will arrive between 3 to 5 days.

Remember that a business day is a day from Monday to Friday. 


My size is sold out on the website. Is it possible to have it?

We will always try to have stock in all references but if you cannot find your size you can subscribe to our newsletter and we will let you know when dream garment is available again ☀️


I made my purchase, I have proof of payment but I do not have any order confirmation email

Don't worry! Write to our customer service line, we will review the status of your payment to create the order correctly. 💐

I want to buy a gift card, how does it work?

When you buy a gift card you will receive a code with which you can later make a purchase on the website. In addition to this, you will receive a physical card so that you can give it to this person 😊

How do I know if my order is being processed?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation by email with all the information. Click on "View your order" to see shipping and delivery updates. 💫

When will I receive my refund?

Your refund will take up to 10 days to be processed by the bank. If you have any concern, please send us a message to our customer service line.


If you are not satisfied with any of our products, we will make the necessary changes to fix it! If you prefer a refund of your money, we will refund the money without any inconvenience. You have up to 30 calendar days to notify us on our ELOLINEA and we will proceed to make your refund within the next 10 business days.

  • Our warranty includes

    Defective product

    Wrong order

    Product that does not have the reported technical characteristics

    Product that had been shipped with damage or incomplete

    • In the event of any of these events, the user will have the right to choose, within 3 months following receipt, one of the following alternatives:

      a) Free repair of the product b) Replacement or exchange of the product after its return

      c) Refund of the amount paid after returning the product

      To exercise this right, the customer may present the product and proof of purchase in order to carry out the pertinent diligence.

      A fault or defect will be considered to exist:

      a) When products subject to mandatory safety or quality standards do not meet the corresponding specifications;

      b) When the materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances or ingredients that constitute or integrate the products do not correspond to the specifications they display or to the mentions on the labeling;

      c) When any product, due to deficiencies in manufacturing, processing, materials, parts, elements, substances, ingredients, structure, quality or sanitary conditions, if applicable, is not entirely suitable for the use or consumption for which it is intended or to which the supplier had indicated in its advertising;

      d) When the supplier and consumer have agreed that the products subject to the contract must meet certain specifications and this does not occur;

      e) When after the first time the guarantee has been made effective and the corresponding technical service has been provided, the deficiencies that make the good unfit for the use or consumption referred to in letter c) above remain. This right will subsist in the event of a deficiency other than the one that was the subject of the technical service, or the same occurs again, within a period of 3 months from receipt of the product.